Why You Should Use Solar Power

Solar power Virginia is big and in great use. Why not use solar? Is it the worry over expense to get started? A good solar power company will help anyone, little residential customers to larger business companies to get started. There are many accredited solar companies in Virginia, all eager to help, not only because they want to make money, but they believe in what they do. Noble Solar Company is one.

There are problems with the solar systems as there are problems with anything as large as this. Someone getting ready to invest should look at those problems and how to take care of them to reduce the impact, and to settle their mind. They in no way cost more than the advantages of solar energy in Virginia.


Internal corrosion is caused when the panel, which is laminated under vacuum pressure, fails to seal or loses the seal gaining moisture and oxidation. It is the most common problem for solar panels. Salt mist that is in the air in snowy areas or near the ocean will slowly work itself into the system and cause corrosion. It will over time cause the system to work less efficiently. 


These cracks often cannot be seen by the naked eye and will require an expert. These cracks will compromise the system. Micro-cracks are a common problem. They can be caused by huge variations in weather. 

They can also be caused by rough shipping or inadequate shipping of panels. If you are buying or considering buying, the solar panels in Virginia will be tested and be carefully shipped.

Solar panels at Walton on Thames Water... © Mike Quinn :: Geograph Britain  and Ireland

Hot Spots

These can cause the system to completely fail but are not a common problem. The panel gets overheated and goes into overload. Poor connections can be a cause. Wrongly soldered connections will be a cause. Dirt collecting on the panel may be a cause and will definitely lower the performance. 

PID Effect

PID means potential induced degradation. This does not mean much to me. It is the voltage difference between earthing and the solar panel that can lead to the primary power circuit take-over and produces reduction of solar power. PID will destroy solar efficiency and determine how well the panels will perform. This also decreases the panel lifespan. A professional can explain PID. 

Electrical Problems

Some electrical problems are simple and repair easily but require an accredited electrician. Loose wires or connections, corrosion, and oxidation will work on the chemical connections in the panel and eat away at them. Older homes might suffer these problems if they have an older electrical system, but a good solar panel system installer will check for that.


Birds are the most unlikely. These interesting small animals do cause a lot of trouble. In case they like to nest and collect beneath the panels, they cause their destruction and the failure of the panel.

Snail Trails

These trails along the surface look like snail trails and that is the source of their name. Brown lines go across the glass looking like snails. These usually come after a few years and are caused by bad silver paste used in the manufacture of the panels. This will bring moisture which causes oxidation. This might also be caused by tiny cracks in the PV system.

Roof Issues

A roof must be replaced after so many years and with panels on it, it will require extra work. Also, when considering solar panels, the installer will consider the roof and request repairs or replacement before the installation. It can be done, though an installer will need to be called and consulted.

Converter Problems

The converter, which exchanges direct electricity coming from the sun to alternative power which we need in our homes, is not as durable as the solar panels and goes out first. Solar panel owners say they must replace the inverter about every 10 to 15 years. The inverter is not highly expensive and is not difficult to replace. The inverter is a box which sits somewhere out of reach of the usual household.

There are some problems as there are with any system like this, or any system period. These problems are not serious, nor frightening if taken care of soon as they appear and if professionally cared for.

The savings of a solar system over electricity is greater, by far, than these problems you may incur after a time. A homeowner does not experience blank outs or unexpected rises in bills.