It remains a mystery why the monarchs continue to migrate over thousands of miles, nor is it known for exactly how long they have done so. One theory is that the monarchs were forced south during the last Ice Age, and as the ice retreated the monarchs were able to follow their plant food, milkweed, back up north. One of the natural world's most spectacular and unique phenomena is being destroyed. The profound mystery of monarch migration might be lost to us forever. What has been around for millennia might disappear if we do not act now. Reforestation is the only solution to saving the monarchs and their habitats. Relentless and illegal logging must stop. Reforestation offers a realistic and sustainable solution.

The Effect of a Butterfly’s Wing
It is said the effect of a butterfly's wing can be felt around the world and many wings have been silenced. If millions of monarchs continue to lose their overwintering habitats in Mexico, their demise will be felt around the world. We can prevent that from happening. Reforestation is vital to the survival of the monarch's Mexican habitat. Sustainable forests are the only way to assure that the monarchs will have a home to return to in the mountains, next year and into the future