The dialogue that began between Bob Small and Jose Luis in 1996 has developed into a close working relationship between the MRF and LCHPP. The two organizations cooperate to run the Monarch Overwintering Area Reforestation Program (MOARP). MOARP provides trees to individuals and communities for both forest restoration and for the establishment of alternative sources of timber. This two pronged approach addresses both the fact of the degraded forest and the local need for timber and income.

Both kinds of reforestation projects are important and must continue.

Reforestation has increased each year. The four families who planted 7,200 seedlings in 1997 were joined by twenty-one more in 1998 who planted 39,000 seedlings. Sixty families planted over 100,000 seedlings in 1999. 200,000 more seedlings were planted in June and July of 2000 when a major shift took place - five other communities or ejidos became a part of the reforestation effort. Ejido El Rosario and Ocampo have even decided to use some of their commonly owned land to plant seedlings rather than planting corn.