The Michoacan Reforestation Fund and La Cruz Habitat Protection Project work to protect monarch butterfly habitat and improve the well-being of Mexican communities through reforestation. We provide high quality pine and oyamel fir trees to highland communities in the Mexican states of Michoacan and Mexico. Welcome to our site.

The donations were used to plant 480,000 pine and Memel trees near the monarch butterfly's wintering grounds in the Mexican states of Michoacan and Mexico. Planting and fifty thousand of these trees was possible thanks to the first contribution of a clean corporate donor, Bimbo food business. We are proud to announce that the MRF and LA CRUZ have planted 2111,565 trees over the past nine years.

MRF underwent a transformation after the death of our founder Bob small in November 2004. as our supporters well know, ROPs worked tirelessly for the MRF on a voluntary basis for eight years. In 2005, Danielle Lee served as interim CEO and, along with CEO D. J. Agnew, led us through a difficult period.

At our meeting in November 2005, Bob's son, Dr. Robert J. Small, was elected chairman of the board, and Dr. Orley R. "Chip" Taylor was named Executive Director. Chip heads Monarch Watch, an educational and labeling project at the University of Kansas, and initiator of the Monarch Waystation project, which offers tips and certificates on planting pesticide-Free gardens for monarchs. The board also hired Diana Panski as Deputy Director of MRF. Diana holds a master's degree in Political Science and biology of Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development from the University of Wisconsin and is actively involved in promoting conservation communities along with the World Conservation Union IUCN. Chip and Diana are eager to strengthen MRF's financial position and build on its many achievements as it moves toward even more ambitious goals.

The Michoacan Reforestation Fund has a new location.

Michoacan Reforestation Fund
University of Kansas
1200 Sunnyside Ave.
Lawrence, KS 66045
(785) 864-4850

You can continue to reach us at

Jose Luis Alvarez, head of the La Cruz Habitat Protection Program, continues to improve the nursery, where more than half a million seedlings are ready for planting next summer. Jose Luis recently attended the National Forestry Congress in Melia, Mexico, where he was recognized for his role in the MRF/LaCruz reforestation projects.

A new board member, Dr. Sue sill, executive director of Naba international butterfly park in Mission, Texas, helped write the grant proposals that led to $ 70,000 in funding in 2006. They include $ 50,000 from the international program of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and $ 20,000 from the global American Forest liberation program.

In the MRF board of directors continues to support the work of the sustainable afforestation as we work towards our goal of planting one million trees each year.


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